30 - 90 minutes
2 - 6 players
ages 12+

Hafid's Grand Bazaar

Bid, haggle, and trade your way to the top in this raucous trading game of set collection and player negotiation for 2 to 6 players.

Acquire spices, textiles, livestock and other exotic goods by bidding on caravans from foreign markets across the ancient world. Manipulate the market – and each other – using your shrewd bargaining skills to trade with your fellow merchants and collect resource sets to maximize profits.

The marketplace is dynamic and ever-changing. You will need to stay sharp and engaged to amass the most wealth and become the greatest merchant in Hafid's Grand Bazaar!

Hafids Grand Bazaar 3D Box Left Facing
30 - 90 minutes
2 - 6 players
ages 12+
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Hafids Grand Bazaar 3D Box Right Facing

Game Contents Include:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 36 Bidding Cubes
  • 125 Merchant Cards
  • 84 Talent Coins
  • 2-piece Hafid Marker
  • Rulebook
Something cool someone said about this game!
I’m not normally a fan of bidding games, but Hafid’s Grand Bazaar manages to take the mechanic and make it approachable and fun. The game is a great value
- Rob Kalajian, A Pawn's Perspective