About Us

Rather Dashing Games began as a discussion around a campfire on an Autumn camping trip in New England. Life-long friends Mike and Grant decided to combine their talents and resources to make quality, family games that are “rather dashing”. After gaining the support of their awesome wives, Holly and Reanna, as well as putting in a lot of elbow grease, the company was born! Our philosophy is if we aren’t having fun, something is wrong and we hope that translates into our fine products.

You can rest assured that all of our products are in fact compliant and up to date. We manufacture through DeLano service, a highly reputable name in the industry. Nothing goes out of their factories that is not compliant. You can find out more information regarding this HERE.


~ game designer & president

~ art director & vice president
Mike considers himself a lifetime geek and has been playing games as long as he can remember. He has several successful games to date published with other companies and has now taken the reigns with Rather Dashing. When not designing games, Mike enjoys travel, camping, biking, martial arts, reading, cooking, writing, studying ancient history, and obviously, playing games. Grant grew up a goofball constantly in a state of creativity. He has been drawing and composing music since he was almost too young to start. When he wasn’t doing those things, he was bruising himself up hiking, biking, camping, and playing soccer. Now that he has finally grown up, he’s added more to that list including; cooking, writing, biking, playing with his band, and pretending he isn’t twelve. Grant is the primary artist for Rather Dashing.



Reanna was born and raised in good ol’ Utah. One of five children, she had a significant role in raising her four younger siblings; which means knowing how to have fun! (A quality she brings in abundance to Rather Dashing in addition to her financial skills and spunk!). When not being supermom, Reanna loves to watch movies, camp, craft, swim, hike, bake, and slap the bass and sing with her band!
Holly hails originally from sunny Southern California. One of eight children, Holly was exposed to family game night early on and counts that as a major component in the fact that she and her siblings are so close to this day. Holly brings extraordinary organizational skills to the company. Holly’s interests include, horseback riding, camping, travel, martial arts, archery, baking, and sewing.