Red Hot Silly Peppers – FAQ’s

Q. How many cards should I have in my hand?
A. Whenever you play a card or cards on a turn besides your own, such as when you trump or play a Salsa Swipe, ALWAYS draw back up to four cards immediately. At the beginning of your turn, draw to five cards.

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2 thoughts on “Red Hot Silly Peppers – FAQ’s

  1. Should a player draw up to four cards after they play during their own turn as well? Otherwise, it would seem impossible to be able to play a trump on another player’s salsa hand if the opportunity arises prior to your turn in a given round. So, for example, if I were to play a three card salsa hand and no one else trumps, the spinner is spun and we move on to the next player. If that player is able to play a salsa hand, I am only left with two cards (and therefore am unable to trump) unless I was supposed to draw up to four before it moved to the next player.

    Thanks! Having fun with the game!

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