Four Taverns – FAQ’s

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  1. King’s Banner:

    I know that King’s Banner lets you combine another party, even another player’s party with yours. I also know that King’s Banner can be played on your turn or another player’s turn.

    My question is if a person completes a quest by putting down enough adventurer’s, can King’s Banner still be used to take that person’s party even though the quest is complete? By rules you play all the cards you wish and the collect completed quest cards which means that until you collect the quest that this card should be valid to play. For the most part, players do not put down any more card on other quests once they complete theirs and so when they put down the last card they are immediately going to the collect quest action.

    I have been house ruling that you need to steal a party from another player before they put down the final adventurer to complete the quest. Once they have the quest complete, I have been saying that all you can do is to save your party, if you had one on that quest, or else switch quest cards.

    I just want to know if my house rule is the correct way to play the card or if King’s Banner is more powerful than I thought and that I should be holding onto the card until someone completes a quest and take it from them by putting a token adventurer on each quest?

    • A completed quest is only truly complete once the rewards have been claimed and the turn is over. Once a quest’s requirements have been fulfilled, the other players still have an opportunity to thwart the completion by playing action cards. They have to play them immediately, before the end of the active player’s turn.

  2. King’s Banner #2:

    If I were to use King’s Banner on another player’s turn to take their party and add it to mine to complete a quest, do I collect the quest on their turn or do I need to wait until my turn to collect the quest?

    If I complete and take the quest on their turn (and not have to wait for my turn), do I have to wait till the end of their turn to take it or do I take it immediately (meaning that the quest card below is flipped), allowing the player whose turn I interrupted to play on the next quest card?

    Thank you in advance for answering my questions and I hope to see new games from you soon!

    • Great question! You can only complete a quest on your turn. So, either you use King’s Banner on your turn and move the party then wait for your turn to complete the quest, or wait until your turn and move the party and complete the quest then. We hope this helps. Happy gaming!

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