March 28, 2017

Anticipation Mounts for This Belongs in a Museum

Adventure arrives April 5 with This Belongs in a Museum, a new tile-laying game that immerses you in the golden age of archeology.

This Belongs in a Museum is the third installment in the Drawn & Quartered series of tile-laying games, and takes the core game system to whole new level. Building on familiar mechanics of laying, swapping, rotating, and replacing tiles, This Belongs in a Museum introduces new scoring opportunities with player action and artifact collection, as well as some new ways to increase your area of control in the play space.

For an overview of the game, check out the introductory video below:

We’ve been receiving some great feedback from advance reviewers! We’ll let them answer the questions we know are on your mind!

Is it fun?

“This isn’t just a game of good times with your friends and/or family. This is adventure right in your living room. This is exploration in the comfort of your home.” – Huck Talwar, ComicWow TV

“The third installment in the Drawn & Quartered line is a solid, light- to medium-weight experience that leaves you puzzling out patterns and contemplating mischief. “ – Jason Meyers,

What about the components?

“…all the pieces that come with the game are really sturdy and ready for a lot of gameplay.” – Huck Talwar, ComicWow TV

“Everything is chunky, sturdy, and feels like it can stand up to the rigors of play over time. The box insert also fits everything nicely without anything falling out of place when stored on the shelf.” – Rob Kalajian, A Pawn’s Perspective

How about the gameplay?

“With the familiar sense of both Dominoes and Tetris, This Belongs in a Museum combines ease of play with smart decisions and a puzzle nature that will attract family and casual players.” – Jason Meyers,

“The game plays along at fast pace, please don’t let that fool you though, there is a nice bit of strategy that is involved here” – DDO Players

“With easy-to-learn rules, multiple ways to score points, and multiple ways to block other players from doing the game, it’s a great value.” – Rob Kalajian, A Pawn’s Perspective

Who will like this game?

“Newcomers can grasp it quickly, social gamers will enjoy the relaxed feel, hobbyists should find its decision points satisfactory and everyone will feel smarter afterward.” – Jason Meyers,

This Belongs in a Museum succeeds at delivering smart decisions out of simplicity and familiarity. While the primary target audiences are casual and family gamers, its puzzle-nature will also gratify serious players. “ – Jason Meyers,

Why should I get this game?

“It moves along at a fast pace, is very engaging, and is sure to liven up any game night.” – Huck Talwar, ComicWow TV

“Designer Mike Richie has once again, brought us a strategic yet very engaging game.” – DDO Players

So what are you waiting for? Grab adventure by the horns and pre-order your very own copy of This Belongs in a Museum at your Friendly Local Game Store today!

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