July 18, 2016

Boardgame Corner loves We Come in Peace!

Mark Streed and Randy White at Boardgame Corner reviewed We Come in Peace and had some awesome things to say, calling our newest game “a great conversation game, people are laughing, having a good time” and “a great way to kick off a game night.” Now that’s good stuff!

Mark liked the game’s give and take, which makes it fun until the very end for all players. “Wow, I can hang on to these missiles and hit everybody. And especially in the later rounds when it becomes amazing. Cause like round 2 and 3 everything ramps up and I love that ramp-up feature. … It’s amazing that a six-player game becomes so engaging!”

And we love Randy’s comment: “There’s five other players I can do dastardly things to.” Sounds like someone who really gets We Come in Peace!

So that’s a little taste, but to get the full picture, you’ll want to see the video!

And to add to it, Mark gives us another shout-out in The Dice Tower Week in Review.

Remember, We Come in Peace with its special bonus game piece is available for pre-order right now! Get yours before the bonus pieces are all gone.

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