December 09, 2016

Game Gifts – Dwarven Miner

Do you dream of unwrapping a tome of wisdom this holiday? Maybe you wish you could give a friend a mithril sword. Then Dwarven Miner is the game gift for you (and them)!

Compete to craft the most desirable items to win the patronage (and special perks) of powerful dwarves in this game of set collection and card drafting, with some press-your-luck rolled in!

Your turn is played in three phases: Mining, Crafting, and Fulfillment.

  1. Roll the resource dice to mine the raw materials needed to craft your items. Re-rolls are permitted and you can bank resources and re-roll the undesired outcomes. Watch out for Orcs as they will block your ability to gain resources.
  2. Commit your resources to create desirable items such as weapons, armor, other gear. The items you choose to craft will depend upon the patrons you are trying to please from the patron cards in your hand. Unused resources may be saved for future use if you have space in your backpack and/or vault.
  3. Fulfill a patron’s desires by having crafted the items required on their card. Gain the patron’s victory points, and trigger their ability.

Choose your patron’s wisely and claim your victory points often, they cannot be taken away once scored, and the first player to 30 points wins.

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