June 19, 2017

New Rather Dashing games sell out at Origins

Here’s our wrap-up of Origins Game Fair in pictures:

Packed game tables featured Element, This Belongs in a Museum, We Come in Peace and more from Rather Dashing Games.

Element designer Mike Richie demos the game at Origins Game Fair. Element was a hit, rising as high as No. 4 on the BGG Geekbuzz list during the show and ended the show sitting at No. 10. Element sold out, but don’t worry if you didn’t get a copy! More copies are available on our website and through your local FLGS. We’ll also be releasing more “how to” videos on Element very soon so check back on our website.

This Belongs in a Museum, our new tile-laying game released in April, was so popular it sold out TWICE! After selling out Friday, we went on a midnight run for more games to be ready for sales Saturday. And that was a good thing — we sold out again!

Team Rather Dashing Games had so much fun introducing everyone to our games. Look for this crew again at Gen Con in Booth 1439.

We had a chance to play our September release, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, at the Hyatt Saturday night. If you missed the sneak peek of this fast-paced game of bidding and haggling, come see us at Gen Con!

Rather Dashing art director Grant Wilson leads a game of our first release planned for 2018. Check back on our website for more info in the coming weeks!

We love the visitors to our booth! This one was just too dashing — we had to snap a pic! Thanks for all the fun, Origins!

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