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March 4, 2018

Combating Monsters in Wakening Lair

Wakening Lair is a cooperative dungeon crawl experience designed for 2-6 players that borrows the narrative style of traditional RPGs (Role Playing Games) and presents many of the aspects of that genre in an introductory, accessible way. You can pla...
November 23, 2017

A Rather Dashing Road Trip

We're hitting the road to visit local game stores!
November 14, 2017

Wakening Lair Coming Spring 2018 from Rather Dashing Games

Evil stirs in the catacombs at the center of dense woods not far from your village. Do you have the courage to venture into the depths and combat the creatures that lurk within? Rather Dashing Games is excited to announce Wakening Lair, a fully coope...
November 13, 2017

PAX Unplugged 2017

Visit Us in Booth 552!
October 30, 2017

Play Through Video for Hafid's Grand Bazaar

You've seen our How to Play video, you've read about epic trades, and watched the Art of the Trade highlight reel... but you're still curious to see how Hafid's Grand Bazaar plays through all the phases and rounds with actual players. Good news! We'...
October 25, 2017

Hafid's Grand Bazaar Pleases Reviewers

Hafid’s Grand Bazaar hit store shelves earlier this month and has received some high praise among reviewers. This lively bidding and negotiation game for 2-6 players has inspired some pretty lively table talk and player interaction in our dem...
October 19, 2017

Rather Dashing Games at Essen Spiel 2017

We are very excited to announce that Rather Dashing Games will be represented at Essen Spiel this year by BNW Distribution! Attendees will be able to purchase a limited supply of Element, Hafid's Grand Bazaar, and This Belongs in a Museum (English l...
September 20, 2017

How to Play Hafid's Grand Bazaar

Hafid’s Grand Bazaar immerses you in the bustle of a thriving marketplace. Bid on caravans, negotiate with other merchants, sell your wares, and amass the most wealth to become the greatest trader in the land! The game is played in a series o...
September 19, 2017

Element Promo Cards Now Available!

The promo card packs that came with Element during the pre-order phase are now available through the Boardgamegeek Store! These sets include 4 cards, each depicting a different color sage as a reminder of which sage you are trying to capture in thre...
August 29, 2017

Trading Gets Wild in Hafid's Grand Bazaar

From camels to milkshakes, and spices to steak dinners, everything is up for grabs in the Negotiation Phase of Hafid’s Grand Bazaar.
August 27, 2017

Gen Con 50 Success for Rather Dashing Games

It has been a full week since we got home from Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis and we are still riding the high of such a successful show! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to say hi, check out our games, and give many of them good homes. Eleme...
August 13, 2017

Pre-Order Hafid's Grand Bazaar!

This raucous trading game of shrewd negotiation releases September 20!
August 9, 2017

Getting Ready for Gen Con 50!

In ONE WEEK we will be in Indianapolis for “The Best Four Days in Gaming” and the 50th anniversary of Gen Con! Visit us at Booth #1439 in the Exhibit Hall for demos of Element, This Belongs in a Museum, and Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, as ...
August 3, 2017

Unboxing Hafid's Grand Bazaar

We thought you would like to know what you are getting with our next release! Check out our unboxing video of Hafid’s Grand Bazaar and learn a little more about the components and how they propel the gameplay in this lively trading game coming...
June 12, 2017

Beware the Mummy!

Strategies for using them in This Belongs in a Museum
June 9, 2017

Making Connections in This Belongs in a Museum

In This Belongs in a Museum your main objective is to create the largest network of connected dig sites by placing your color tiles strategically to maximize points. There are multiple ways to make those connections and we’re going to show you ...
June 5, 2017

Rather Dashing Games available soon in Denmark, New Zealand

Great news! Rather Dashing Games will soon be available in two new countries. We've recently received orders from Vengeful Games in Denmark and Pixel Park in New Zealand. If you've been wanting to get your hands on our games in these countries, chec...
May 30, 2017

A New Twist on Tile Games

This Belongs in a Museum is not your typical tile-laying game.
May 11, 2017

More Praise for Element - Secret Cabal Podcast

Looking for something new and different to play this weekend? Check out the praise Element is receiving and move it to the top of your list! Our abstract strategy game was recently featured in a segment on the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast and they had...
May 10, 2017
March 28, 2017

Anticipation Mounts for This Belongs in a Museum

Adventure arrives April 5 with This Belongs in a Museum, a new tile-laying game that immerses you in the golden age of archeology. This Belongs in a Museum is the third installment in the Drawn & Quartered series of tile-laying games, and takes...
March 19, 2017

Element, This Belongs in a Museum are hits at GAMA

The Rather Dashing team spent March 13-17 at the GAMA Trade Show at Bally's in Las Vegas. It was fantastic to see so much excitement for our new games, Element and This Belongs in a Museum! With Element only out for two weeks, we were thrilled to hea...
February 9, 2017

Element Receives Rave Reviews

Early reviews for Element are in and they are excellent! We’ve been encouraging you to get this game, but don’t just take our word for it…

February 7, 2017

Element Wins Cornerstone Collection Award!

We’re drawing closer to the release of Element on March 1 and we are excited and honored to announce Element is the recipient of the Cornerstone Collection Award from Boardgame Corner.
January 24, 2017

"This Belongs in a Museum" Expands Drawn & Quartered series

We are pleased to announce our second new title for 2017 will expand our popular Drawn & Quartered series of tile-laying games. This Belongs in a Museum takes you on an adventure in the Golden Age of Archeology! Players compete to become the mos...
January 10, 2017

Vote Element for Most Anticipated Abstract Game of 2017

Final Voting is now OPEN for the Most Anticipated Board Games of 2017 on While we didn’t get into the top 20 overall, Element is still in the running for Most Anticipated Abstract Game and we would LOVE your vote! If you want...
December 19, 2016

Vote for Element on!

Are you excited about Element coming in 2017? We sure are. Now you can share that excitement and anticipation over on Nominations are open and Element would love your vote to make it into the top 50 finalists by January 8 when the ...
December 8, 2016

Game Gifts – Dwarven Miner

Do you dream of unwrapping a tome of wisdom this holiday? Maybe you wish you could give a friend a mithril sword. Then Dwarven Miner is the game gift for you (and them)!
December 7, 2016

Game Gifts – We Come in Peace

Some people want world peace for the holidays, others want to rule the world. This game is for the latter group.  What's a little seasonal bah-humbug amongst friends? Get holiday stress out of your system with some intergalactic warfare in We Come in Peace.
December 5, 2016

Games Under $20 – Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Ghosts at Christmas?!? Why of course! Old Ebenezer Scrooge can tell you a thing or two about that. This year why not try to see things from Jacob Marley’s perspective? Today’s “Game Under $20” will let you do that.
December 4, 2016

Games Under $20 – Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies

Another day, another installment in our Games Under $20 series. We told you there were quite a few options!
December 1, 2016

Games Under $20 – X Marks the Spot

Avast! Today's spotlight for games under $20 is X Marks the Spot! This game is perfect for the pirate enthusiast on your gift list.
November 29, 2016

Games Under $20 – Red Hot Silly Peppers

Part of a gift exchange at work or with friends? Have a $20 price limit? We’ve got you covered with four, yes FOUR, options in our games catalog.

We’ll be covering each of our games here for the next week, to help you decide which one is perfect for your intended recipient. Today’s pick: Red Hot Silly Peppers!

November 1, 2016

Impossible Decision 2016

Know Your Candidates for Supreme Galactic Leader
October 20, 2016

"Element" Release Delayed – Component Sneak Peek

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin Our commitment to providing you with the highest quality games we can produce sometimes means making the hard decision to delay the release of a game to get it just ...
September 30, 2016

Oktoberfest = beer + gaming, right?

The final weekend of Oktoberfest is upon us. May your tankard be ever-full, and the brew maidens swift in the serving!
September 23, 2016

Alien Effects - 100+ Years After "The War of the Worlds"

It’s been over 100 years since the serial publication of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds (1898) introduced us to the terrifying concept of alien attacks. The 1938 teleplay version incited panic in the listening public and has become the...
September 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to The Hobbit

First published on this date back in 1937, JRR Tolkien's classic fantasy tale of adventure has inspired us to be brave and bold in our lives. The Hobbit holds a special place in our hearts here at Rather Dashing Games and dreams of dwarves and treasu...
August 29, 2016

Master the forces of nature in Element!

Fire. Water. Earth. Wind. These four Elements have driven mankind's mythology, philosophy and science for thousands of years. Now master these primal forces in this easy-to-learn but deeply strategic game.
August 17, 2016
August 3, 2016

Can't make it to Gen Con? We've got you covered

Gen Con 2016 kicked off this morning in all of its madness! For the lucky ones who are there, be sure to come see us in booth #243! But if you can't make it this year, don't worry -- you can still have some Gen Con fun with us from the comfort of you...
July 26, 2016

What's coming next from Rather Dashing Games!

Next week we’re headed to Gen Con to debut our newest release, We Come in Peace. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on for so long. But as exciting as that is, we have a whole slate of new games on their way to y...
July 24, 2016

Introducing Element, coming soon!

Enjoy this little tease featuring Element, our easy-to-learn but deeply strategic game of capture and area control. We can't wait for you to play it later this year!
July 17, 2016

Boardgame Corner loves We Come in Peace!

Mark Streed and Randy White at Boardgame Corner reviewed We Come in Peace and had some awesome things to say, calling our newest game "a great conversation game, people are laughing, having a good time" and "a great way to kick off a game night." Now...
July 12, 2016

We Come in Peace aliens revealed!

One by one we're telling the stories of the aliens from our soon-to-be-released game, We Come in Peace. If you haven't met them yet, you'll find that each one has their background. Grant and Mike reveal how these aliens came t...
June 20, 2016

Thank you, Origins!

In case you missed us or weren’t able to attend, Rather Dashing Games rocked the house at Origins 2016, last week. We showed off our latest game, We Come in Peace, which will be available at Gen Con in August. Both Mike and Grant made appearanc...
May 18, 2016

Rather Dashing Games sponsors Origins Game Fair 2016!

Today, Rather Dashing Games, publisher of quality family and hobby board games, announced its sponsorship of the 2016 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, June 15-19. A regular exhibitor at Origins since 2012, Rather Dashing has increased its commitm...
May 10, 2016

We Come in Peace blasts its way into the market this summer – Prepare for the invasion!

Ready your blasters and scramble your missiles in this game of exponential chaos! The Alliance of Six Planets has come to an end – and now you must do what it takes to defend your home world from the hordes of flying saucers that darken the skies and lay waste to your cities.
January 4, 2016

Kalmbach expands reach with acquisition of Rather Dashing Games

Waukesha, WI – Kalmbach Publishing Co. today announced it has acquired Rather Dashing Games, creators of engaging and entertaining board games for all ages. The purchase marks entry into the world of board-game publishing for Kalmbach.

Read the full release