December 06, 2016

Games Under $20 – Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Ghosts at Christmas?!? Why of course! Old Ebenezer Scrooge can tell you a thing or two about that. This year why not try to see things from Jacob Marley’s perspective? Today’s “Game Under $20” will let you do that.
Graveyards Ghosts Haunted Houses box facing right

Another game in our Drawn & Quartered series (see Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies as well), Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses lets you be the ghost trying to haunt the largest portion of the play space.

Place your tiles to connect your sections or block your opponents.

Lock in advantageous groupings using your haunted house tile.

Play your special tokens to scare meddling kids for bonus points, expose your opponent to a paranormal investigator, or bury a ghost to negate points.

After the last tile is drawn, add up your score to reveal the scary spook in the graveyard!


This game is for groups of 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in approximately 30 minutes. Each game plays differently based on how the tiles are drawn and played. Rematches are not uncommon.

It makes a great gift for families at a price of $19.99.

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