January 25, 2017

"This Belongs in a Museum" Expands Drawn & Quartered series


We are pleased to announce our second new title for 2017 will expand our popular Drawn & Quartered series of tile-laying games. This Belongs in a Museum takes you on an adventure in the Golden Age of Archeology!

Players compete to become the most renowned archeologist by having the most extensive network of dig sites connected to their base camp, as well as collecting precious artifacts and outwitting their rival colleagues. Place your base camp, dig site, and terrain tiles strategically to easily maneuver your archeologist to the artifacts for recovery. Use the mummies to block opponents movements and break up their carefully connected networks.

Easy to learn, This Belongs in a Museum is a great introduction to tile-laying games for new players, but also adds new strategic layers to our game system that experienced gamers will love.

This Belongs in a Museum can accommodate 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 20-30 minutes.


Each game includes:

  • 4 Archeologists with stands
  • 4 Mummies with stands
  • 1 Tomb Tile
  • 4 Base Camps
  • 54 Dig Site Tiles
The adventure begins April 5, 2017!

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Watch the official game trailer for This Belongs in a Museum: