August 28, 2017

Gen Con 50 Success for Rather Dashing Games

It has been a full week since we got home from Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis and we are still riding the high of such a successful show! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to say hi, check out our games, and give many of them good homes. 

Element continues to be a solid hit for us and all three demos setups were slammed the whole weekend! A lot of new players out there now, it should be easy to find a group to play with. Check out this demo video from Team Covenant from the show. 

This Belongs in a Museum was the favored co-purchase with Element. People really enjoy this "simple" tile-laying game loaded with layers of strategy.

Our fans are so dashing! Check out these dapper fellows!

This adventurous gamer found the right booth and the perfect game to match his attire. So dashing! 
This fan surprised Mike & Grant by showing off his Rather Dashing logo tattoo!!

We ran events for the first time this year and Hafid's Grand Bazaar attracted a lot of attention, both in the booth and at our events. This game is a great way to turn strangers into friends and we had such fun watching the group dynamics build over the course of several rounds of bidding and haggling. We had some epic trades happening in this one, folks! (We'll be sharing a case study soon.) 

Showing Hafid's Grand Bazaar to a large group in the booth.
Many happy faces after getting to play through Hafid's Grand Bazaar during our events. 
Our show staff was energized by all you fabulous gamers who attended the sold out show and made the 50th anniversary of Gen Con an event to remember. Let's do it again next year!
Our booth staff was awesome!