August 14, 2017

Pre-Order Hafid's Grand Bazaar!

This raucous trading game of shrewd negotiation releases September 20!
RDG hafids grand bazaar game setup with box
We’ve received our production sample of Hafid’s Grand Bazaar and some advance copies for reviewers! We recently shared the Rulebook on the official game page and are working on a How to Play video. That means it is time to get your pre-orders in with your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS)!

To get you up to speed before the game releases September 20, we will be running demos of Hafid’s Grand Bazaar in booth 1439 at Gen Con and we have a few slots left in our full play-through events scheduled in the evenings after the exhibit hall closes.

To sign up for an event, visit the Gen Con Event Page and you can either search by Title under Board Game events, or use the following event IDs

Thursday, August 17 (7–9 PM) Event ID: BGM17122300
Friday, August 18 (7–9 PM) Event ID: BGM17122301
Saturday, August 19  (7–9 PM) Event ID: BGM17122302

Take advantage of these opportunities to learn from our design team, Michael Richie and Grant Wilson! At least one of them will be on hand for every event. 

RDG hafid box promo cards
SPECIAL BONUS: If you pre-order with your local game store you can get the exclusive promo card pack of Magic Lamp Merchant Cards. These packs include a wild card for each Category of Goods in the game (Textiles, Livestock, Raw Materials, Food, Finished Goods). You can use them to represent any specific good in that category to complete a set of goods for maximum profit!

Brush off your bargaining skills and get ready to wheel and deal to become the greatest merchant in the land in Hafid’s Grand Bazaar! Pre-Order Today!
RDG hafids grand bazaar closeup board cards