December 07, 2017

Best Boardgames for the Holidays

Looking for suggestions on which games to give as gifts or add to your own list this year? Here’s a few recommendation lists you should check out!
So1ks Gaming: Taco’s End of Year Buyer’s Guide 2017

 "Element was a surprise hit for me this year and has become one of my favorite abstract strategy games to date. If you are fan of chess or checkers, Element will take you to a whole new level and you will never want to go back. Highly recommend.”

Also included in Taco’s list are some of this year’s heavy hitters from other publishers such as Terraforming Mars, Gloomhaven, and Pandemic Legacy Season 2. We’re honored to have Element among such beloved company! And, at $34.99, Element is a great price point for the family or work gift exchange.

element awards 2
Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Part 2: Board Games

This guide is a look at some of “the year’s best tabletop entertainment” and is broken down by categories that include Dice Games, Family Games, Strategy Games, and even Gaming Accessories! So much goodness. Check out the full list on Under Radar's website

Austin Trunick sings Element's praises in the Strategy Games category. “This game boasts a rare, highly successful blend of luck and tactical thinking, not to mention some great components: each sage looks as if it was carved in ancient times, like something you’d find in a glass case at the Metropolitan Museum of Art."


Phil’s Picks from Golden Distribution

Most of our fellow industry professionals are also gamers at heart, so we take their recommendations seriously. Phil Lacefield of Golden Distribution pulled together a great list of game and geek-related items he has seen this year that he is very excited about.

We are honored that Hafid’s Grand Bazaar made the list and are pleased that Phil has honed in on what makes this game special in a sea of bidding and trading games.

“The elements of how this works are both luck and skill combined in a way I’ve never really seen before. I enjoy this game greatly… good for all ages.”

We hope you find something you like on these lists. If you are interested in Element, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, or any of our other games, we invite you to learn more on the Game pages of our website.

Order through our web store by December 10 and take $10 off your purchase of 2 or more games when you use code GAME10 at checkout! Or visit your Friendly Local Game Store to get a copy today. 

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