June 06, 2017

Rather Dashing Games available soon in Denmark, New Zealand

Great news! Rather Dashing Games will soon be available in two new countries. 

We’ve recently received orders from Vengeful Games in Denmark and Pixel Park in New Zealand. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on our games in these countries, check in with your local game stores to see if they’re in yet! If not, be sure to ask them to stock our games.

We’ve been thrilled about the overseas demand for our games, especially our award-winning abstract strategy game Element, so we are so pleased it, and our other fine games, will be available soon in Denmark and New Zealand. We’re working on more distribution channels as well, so stay tuned.

In the U.S. and Canada, Rather Dashing Games are available through ACD, GTS, Southern Hobby, Peachstate, Aladdin and Universal. New distributors and retailers interested in ordering from us can email us at . 


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