How to Play Element
Grant and Mike teach you how to play Element, our new abstract strategy game.
Wakening Lair

Wakening Lair Overview

Find out what awaits you in the Wakening Lair!

Hafids Grand Bazaar

Hafid's Grand Bazaar – Play Through

Watch a full play through of Hafid's Grand Bazaar

Hafid's Grand Bazaar Overview

Bid, bargain, and barter to acquire lucrative sets of goods to sell for maximum profit.

Art of the Trade

See why the Trading Phase in Hafid's Grand Bazaar is where the heart of the game lies.

How to Play Hafid's Grand Bazaar

Mike and Grant take you through a tutorial of Hafid's Grand Bazaar.

Hafids Grand Bazaar

Hafid's Grand Bazaar Unboxing


Element Advanced Strategies

Designer Mike Richie breaks out strategies for each element and the Rule of Replacement.

Element Overview

See Element in action!

Element Unboxing

Grant and Mike give you a peek inside Element.

How to Play Element

Grant and Mike teach you how to play Element, our new abstract strategy game.

Drawn & Quartered Series

How to Play This Belongs in a Museum

Meet the Archeologists from This Belongs in a Museum

This Belongs in a Museum Overview

Archeologists try to collect artifacts while building the largest connected network of their dig sites in This Belongs in a Museum.

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies Overview and How to Play

A quick intro to Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies and a How to Play video.

Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses Overview and How to Play

A quick intro to Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses and a How to Play video.

We Come in Peace

We Come in Peace Overview

A quick introduction on how to play We Come in Peace.

How to Play We Come in Peace

Learn how to play our fast, fun, strategic dice game.

Meet the Characters: We Come in Peace

Get to know the six characters from our new game, We Come in Peace.

Red Hot Silly Peppers

Red Hot Silly Peppers Overview

A quick intro on how to play Red Hot Silly Peppers.

Dwarven Miner

Dwarven Miner Overview

Get a quick primer on how to play Dwarven Miner in this helpful video!

Sir Barnaby

Barnaby for President

Does Barnaby have what it takes to be the next president?

Who is Sir Barnaby?

The ad we used to win the contest our first year at GenCon.

Dinner with Sir Barnaby

Dine on fine games with Sir Barnaby and Aloysius.

Gaming Etiquette 101

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Rules Overlord

We get it, you LOVE rules and want to play the game correctly... but please be nice about it.

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Salty Sailor

Woah there, Sailor! There's no call for that kind of language. It is just a game, after all.

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Card Flasher

Mind your cards! Don't flash them around. A little mystery makes a game more exciting.

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Short Fuse

Keep your anger in check if you want invited back to the table!

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Bulldozer

Hate it when your clutzy opponent knocks over their drink, sends pieces flying off their mark, and leaves the board in general chaos?

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Bottleneck

Do you know someone who stalls the game in progress through indecision or analysis paralysis?

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Bowler

Don't bowl down the game space or other gamers with your dice rolling! Learn the right way to roll in this helpful etiquette video.

Gaming Etiquette PSA – The Slobby Snacker

You don't have to enforce a NO FOOD rule if your friends know the proper way to dine around your precious components.

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