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Jun. 20-21
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In X Marks the Spot you play one of four historical pirates. Here is some more info on those real pirates!

Christopher Condent
An English pirate known for his brutal treatment of prisoners, sailed the seas in the early to mid 1700?s. His exploits ranged from the coast of Brazil to India and the Red Sea. He died in 1770.
Condent stole a Dutch Warship, and renamed it the ?Flying Dragon?.
Condent and his crew took a large Arabian ship that yielded a plunder of over 150,000 pounds, a greater treasure then had been taken by any pirate within the previous two decades.
Before he became Captain, he once saved his ship by killing a man who threatened to blow up the ships gun powder magazine.
Condent eventually settled in Madagascar with several of his crew after bribing the Governor into pardoning them. A condition was that they burn their ships.

Jack Rackham
Known as Calico Jack for the brightly colored coats and clothing he wore, Rackham was a classic Caribbean pirate, capturing small merchant vessels. After being pardoned once, he returned to piracy and was tried and hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica, in November of 1720.
Rackham had two of the most famous female pirates sail under his command, Anne Bonny and Mary Reid.
Jack began his pirate career as a Quartermaster on an English warship called the ?Neptune?. When the captain refused to battle a French warship, the crew mutinied and made Jack their leader. He then defeated the French vessel and he and his crew turned to piracy.
After capturing several fishing vessels as well as a sloop, the governor or Jamaica ordered pirate hunter Captain Barnet to capture them.
Anne Bonny and Mary Reid were the only members of his crew to escape being hanged by claiming they were pregnant.

Henry Avery
Sailing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in the 1690?s, Avery was known at one time to be the richest pirate in the world. He is also famous for being one of the few pirates to retain his wealth before either being killed in battle or tried and hanged.
Avery made an accord with five other American pirate ships and attacked several Mogul vessels. The plunder was over 1,600,000 English pounds.
Before he turned pirate, Avery served as First Mate on the vessel Charles II. The English ship with the mostly English crew was nevertheless under the employ of Spain. The crew disgusted with their treatment convinced Avery to lead them in a mutiny.
He released a statement that English ships were safe from him and that he would only attack foreign ships.
His attacks on Indian vessels created political problems between England and the East India Company that took years to repair after his retirement.

Emanuel Wynn
This French pirate is considered by many to be the first to fly the familiar skull and crossbones or ?Jolly Roger? flag. He also incorporated the image of an hourglass to tell his victims that time was running out.
Wynn attacked both English and Spanish ships, first off the coast of the Province of Carolina then to the richer waters of the Caribbean.
Little is known about Emanuel Wynn origins or his demise.


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