Game Information
30 minutes
2 - 4 players
ages 12+

Dwarven Miner Reforged

Battle for honor in this multi-tiered crafting game

Delve into the mine to gain treasure, resources, and even a few shifty Burglars along the way. Use these to craft, purchase, and steal weapons, armor, magic, and gear for the brave adventurers that come your way. Each one you help will grant you honor and their unique game manipulating talents will be at your disposal. However, vicious Orcs lurk in the shadows and will strike out when least expected. Dwarven Miner Reforged is a new and exciting sequel to the beloved Dwarven Miner. Featuring new rules as well as original and legacy artwork by legendary fantasy artist larry Elmore, you will return to delve deep into the mine again and again.

Dwarven Miner Reforged box and board
Game Information
30 - 45 minutes
2 - 5 players
ages 12+
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Dwarven Miner

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Game Contents Include:

  • Game Board
  • 6 Mining Dice
  • 5 Backpack Boards
  • 5 Player Pawns
  • 42 Adventurer Cards
  • 18 Orc Mischief Cards
  • 5 Sets of Rune Markers
  • 24 Arcane Crystal Tokens
  • 24 Mithril Tokens
  • 24 Alchemist Powder Tokens
  • 48 Treasure Chests
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