Game Information
20 - 60 minutes
2 - 4 players
ages 12+

Four Taverns

Where Adventures Begin

In Four Taverns you compete against your opponents to have the best known tavern in the land. Hire adventurers and send them out on quests. The more quests your parties complete, the more adventurers come to your tavern.

However, take heed for the other taverns will be playing for the same quests you are. If they succeed where you fail, your adventurers and gold will be lost! Warriors, druids, alchemists and rangers - you'll need all of them and more to win!

With a little gold and a lot of luck, yours could be the tavern where the bravest and boldest of the realm gather after fair maidens have been rescued, dragons slain or any number of wrongs righted.

Four Taverns box facing left
Game Information
20 - 60 minutes
2 - 4 players
ages 12+
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Adventurer Cards

Coin Tokens

Quest Cards

Four Taverns Setup

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Four Taverns box facing right

Game Contents Include:

  • 42 Quest Cards
  • 72 Adventurer Cards
  • 28 Tavern Cards
  • 75 Coin Tokens
Something cool someone said about this game!
“It's a very cool concept and a lot of fun to play!”
Toby Fife, Hero Girl