Ancillary Products

More goods from Rather Dashing Games

Stupendous Poster Pack


We are pleased to make available some of our most requested art in poster form! Rather Dashing's Stupendous Poster Pack features three high quality rolled posters, each measuring 22" x 36". Perfectly suitable for framing, these posters carry a fun and whimsical feel promoting gaming culture as a whole and would look equally at home in a store or game room.

Even the tube they come in is fun and "dashing" featuring a cut out moustache party and fun vintage words too seldom used today in "Blustering with Barnaby".

Dice Tray


This oversized dice tray is embossed with the Rather Dashing logo in black and is constructed of heavy duty leather. The base is double thick and securely stitched in place. Six heavy duty snaps keep your tray, well a tray. Measuring approximately 9.5 inches in diameter the rolling surface gives you plenty of room to roll out that legendary zillionD6 fireball or your more modest but still epic 3D6 perfect weapon roll in Wakening Lair.

Dice Bags

Rather Dashing has two leather dice bags for sale. Each is crafted of the finest leather and measures approximately 6”x6”. When opened the bags are designed with a flat bottom and large openings to facilitate ease of use.

Rather Dashing Dice Bag


Show off your love of Rather Dashing in style with this very cool embroidered dice bag made from beautiful soft brown leather. Large enough to hold enough dice to ensure at least ONE of them will roll your way (we hope... but no promises)!

Element Dice/Stone Bag


Upgrade your Element game from cloth to leather with this black leather and fully embroidered bag. Alternatively show off your Element love by carrying around dice, game components, tater tots... ok don’t carry tater tots in this.... But you get the idea!